The Hulbert Memorial Society

The Hulbert Memorial Society, non-profit organization, was established in 1999 and registered with the Korean court to succeed in Dr. Hulbert’s valued life which fits the best to be an exemplary life of the youth over the globe today.

The primary purpose of the Society is to research the footprints of Dr. Hulbert’s whole life and to commemorate Dr. Hulbert’s accomplishments and philosophy. The Society considerably achieved on the research work which resulted in the publication of two life stories of Dr. Hulbert( and , both written by Kim DongJin) and also a translation into Korean of a compilation of 57 selected works of Dr. Hulbert( translated by Kim DongJin) besides the publication of other historic works of Dr. Hulbert. For these research works the Society owes much gratitude to Bruce W. Hulbert(grandson of Dr. Hulbert) and his wife Margaret, Kimball A. Hulbert(great grandson) and his parents, and the late Judith B. Adams(granddaughter) and her sister Madeleine. Also give sincere thanks to the friends and members of the International Advisory Board.

The Society have been promoting many commemorative activities including memorial service, symposium, invitation of descendents to Korea, erection of monuments, proposal of honors, etc. But we need to go long way to truly place Dr. Hulbert’s accomplishments in Korean history and to let the world know of his spirits for peace, justice, humanity beyond ethnics and border. Imminently we need to erect a memorial hall to attract youths over the globe to this great cosmopolitan human being, and to publicize his life story books in English and other languages.

Your participation and donation to the Society is always welcome. For donation and a membership of the Society, write the Society via email or give a call. The membership due is 100,000 won or 100 dollars a year. Donors and members donors will receive publications and special mementos, when prepared. All donors will be recorded in the memorial hall, when erected. All donations and membership dues are tax deductible according to the Korean tax law.

Phone: Korea 02 3142 1949
Fax: 02 326 1863
Address: 46 Seongji-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea 04083
Bank A/C: Shinhan Bank 100-022-099919
A/C name: The Hulbert Memorial Society(헐버트박사기념사업회)
Phone: 82 2 3142 1949(office), Mobile 82 10 5265 7699
Fax: 82 2 326 1863
* Once credited to the account, pls leave name and contact info. at our email. Your personal info. will be used just for our record and contact purpose.