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Dear Friends,


Firstly, I heartily wish all of you together with the family well in every aspects under this trying time.  


Because of COVID19, The Hulbert Memorial Society had to cancel big gathering of the memorial service for Dr. Hulbert upon his 72nd passing anniversary. 

Instead, we paid a tribute by selected members officially, and others who wanted to pay homage to Dr. Hulbert individually visited the grave to remember his great 

love of humanity and the Korean people.

As such, on August 31st, Lee SeongChoon, Administrator of Veterans Affairs Ministry, Yoo DongGyun, Mayor of Mapo-gu, Kim SamYeol, Chairman of

the Association of Independence Patriots' Descendants, Jo GyuTae, President of Seoul YMCA, and myself visited the grave and officially paid a tribute to Dr. Hulbert. 


For this memorial service, the Society published a book 말 위에서 본 조선(Korea As Seen From The Saddle)〉, which is a travelogue of Dr. Hulbert to Pyongyang, 

currently capital of North Korea but then in one country, in 1890. Dr. Hulbert, together with Methodist Missionary Henry Appenzeller and Presbyterian

Missionary  Samuel Moffett, travelled to PyongYang, the ancient capital of Korea, from Aug. 29th 1890 for about three weeks. 

Dr. Hulbert's travel purpose was to identify the historical position of PyongYang in Korean history and Missionaries' purpose was to see if PyongYang is 

good for their mission works. 

Dr .Hulbert had one more purpose which is to bring some coal from PyongYang area. Dr. Hulbert in actuality brought some of anthracite coal to Seoul 

upon returning and tested the quality which turned out to be a best. Subsequently, Dr. Hulbert brought 300 tonnes more from PyongYang and all 

foreigners living in Seoul used these coal for the winter of 1890. This was officially reported by U.S. Legation office in Seoul to the Department of State, 

and since then Korean natural resources were known internationally, which was followed by commercial excavations on Korean peninsula.  


Dr. Hulbert wrote about his PyongYang travel and contributed to <The Japan Weekly Mail> for ten times from June 6th ,1891 to Oct 24th. 

I translated this Dr. Hulbert's travelogue into Korean to let Korean people know of what Dr. Hulbert thought about PyongYang and Korean interiors 131 years ago. 

This book is marvelous in both geography, history aspects and also very interesting to see what the Koreans' living style was. 

I, on Aug. 31st, presented the book to Dr. Hulbert at the grave, thanking him for such valuable information on Korea and the Korean people.

For this book I must give special thanks to Robert Neff, who firstly intimated me about the existence of this travelogue in 2018.

I knew about Dr. Hulbert's trip to PyongYang, but did not know about the travelogue, then thankfully Robert by chance stopped by my office to let me know of the travelogue.

I thanked him in the preface of the book, but through this opportunity give special thanks from the heart.  


We also had special classic concert on you-tube remembering Dr. Hulbert. Two prominent professors are singing for Dr. Hulbert. 

Blog for the concert is 헐버트박사기념음악회/주최주관라디바 뮤직/ .. : 네이버블로그 (naver.com)


File of the pamphlet for the memorial service is attached for your reference.

You can see from the pamphlet remarks of Park ByeongSeok. Speaker of Korean National Assembly and also U.S. Acting Ambassador to Korea Christopher J. Del Corso.

Also a couple of news coverage on the our memorial events are attached:

Thanks to you all so much for your support to The Hulbert Memorial Society.


Wishing you and the family good health again, 

With warm regards, Kim DongJin(DJ), Chairman, The Hulbert Memorial Society