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Korea JoongAng Daily article <Yesterday`s Newspapers>

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Writer 관리자 View 133times Date 21-04-23 15:41


Dear Friends,


Hope you are well with the family.

Upon Korea's newspaper day(April 7th), I contributed an article called <Yesterday's newspapers>

to Joongang Daily, one of the largest circulating papers in Korea.

Since Dr. Hulbert was a hidden contributer to the first newspaper in Korean alphabet in 1896, 

the idea occured to me to writesomething about the role of modern newspapers in Korea.

Joongang Daily is publishing, together with The New York Times, an Englsih paper called Korea Joongang Daily 

which carried my article after translatiion by themselves. 


Wish you all good luck under this long lasting COVID19.


Kim DongJin, Chairman, The Hulbert Memorial Society