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Dear Friends,


Needless to say, 2020 is really a trying year for all the people across the globe.

Nevertheless let's thumb up and hope the COVID19 goes away with the vaccination in the new year.


Even under the COVID19 The Hulbert Memorial Society did some meaningful activities to commemorate Dr. Hulbert. 

We had memorial service in August and also Essay Contest of the book <Homer B. Hulbert: Joseon must blossom!>, 

a Dr, Hulbert's biography.

Awarding ceremony was held on Dec. 22nd where 11 awardees were prized. Pls enjoy below photos.


We also continued research works and discovered new historical evidences of Korea. 

We published a special memorial book on Dr. Hulbert's article <The Korean Language> contributed in 1889 

to <New York Tribune>.

This book contains the original English version and the translated version into Korean with commentaries of scholars 

in terms of historical value of the article. 

We also released two articles of Dec .13th and 14th of <The New York Times> on Nov. 16th upon 115th anniversary of 

Korea-Japan unlawful protectorate treaty of Nov. 17, 1905. 

These two articles  Dr. Hulbert' interviewe with <The New York Times> in Washington D. C.  In the inteviews 

Dr. Hulbert delivered the news that he exchanged telegrams with the the Korean Emperor who declared 

that he did not sign the treaty thus the treaty is null and void. This release was broadcast by KBS, 

the largest TV station in Korea, at prime time news. 


We also reedited our website(www.hulbert.or.kr) and updated records and news. We have an English version in the website, 

so you can visit and enjoy looking at newspaper articles mentioned above. You can also visit Korean version 

which is more diverse and enjoy some historic photos.


I sincerely extend best wishes to all of you with the family for the new year. 


Best Regards, Kim DongJin(DJ), Chairman, The Hulbert Memorial Society